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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why does GVA have a Board of Directors?
A:  Global Village Academy is a Charter School, which is a public school authorized to operate outside the authority of the local school district Board of Education.  Charter Schools must provide their own governing Board to make the same kind of decisions that a school district might make.

Q: What are the main responsibilities of the Board?

A:  The Board is responsible for the school’s execution of its mission and vision.  This includes ensuring that there is adequate annual funding for the school, the selection and approval of curriculum, establishing operating policies, and ensuring that the school has the infrastructure and facilities needed to support the school.  The Board is also accountable for monitoring academic and operational performance and making any changes necessary or appropriate. Finally, the Board is responsible for ensuring that the school operates safely and according to all local building and health regulations.

Q:  What is GVA’s Mission and Vision?

A:  GVA Mission Statement - Global Village Academy students will become fluent and literate in English and a second world language, excel academically in core content subjects and develop 21st-century skills, including cross-cultural understanding.

GVA Vision Statement - Global Village Academy is a world-class school that supports P-16 education in English and a second world language and promotes college and workforce readiness in a global economy, as well as 21st-century skills, including the ability to work in cross-cultural situations.


Q:  Who can serve on the Board?

A:  Any adult 18 or older can serve on the Board.  Board candidates must be able to successfully pass a criminal background check and must be recommended by the Leadership Development Committee.

Q:  Are Board members required to have children attending the school?

A:  No.  People who do not have children at GVA can serve on the Board.


Q:  How long can people serve on the Board?

A:  Board members are appointed to a term of two years.  Board members may be re-appointed to additional two-year terms.


Q:  How much time does it take every month to serve on the Board?

A:  It depends on how involved the Board members are, and whether there are any special projects or circumstances.  For those on multiple committees or are working on large school projects, it may be as much as 8-16 hours per month.  Most of the time the Board members spend 4-6 hours per month working on school business or attending meetings.


Q:  Is there training for Board members?

A:  All Board members receive initial training when they join the Board.  The training sessions cover a wide range of topics including the fundamentals of Board governance, school funding and budgeting and policy.  Board members also receive ongoing training and can attend state and local charter school conferences.  Training costs are paid for by the school.


Q:  What kind of skills and background are needed to be a Board member?

A:  The Board does not have specific educational or experience requirements.  Board members are selected based on the skills and diversity that they can bring to GVA.  Often Board members have degrees and/or experience in Education, Business, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Legal, Marketing, Real Estate or Construction.  A diverse Board is essential to having a successful school.


Q:  Are Board members elected or appointed?

A:  Board members are appointed.  The Leadership Development Committee interviews potential Board candidates and makes recommendations to the entire Board.  The Board then appoints new members to serve.  The Leadership Development Committee is made up of school administration, parents, and other Board members.


Q:  Are Board members paid?

A:  Board members are all volunteers and are not permitted to accept compensation as a Board member. Board members can be reimbursed for school-related expenses.


Q:  Can teachers or other school staff serve on the Board?

A:  Staff is not permitted to serve on the Board, due to potential conflicts of interest and matters of employee confidentiality.


Q:  When does the Board meet, and how long are Board meetings?

A:  The Board meets monthly every third Wednesday.  Meetings are typically 2 hours, but often have working sessions that follow the meeting.  Other special meetings can be held when needed but are typically scheduled only a few times a year.


Q:  Do Board members supervise any school staff?

A:  The Board is responsible for hiring and supervising the school Principal.  This includes performing an annual evaluation and setting annual performance goals for the Principal.  When needed, the Board can also terminate a Principal.  All other school employees are hired and supervised by the Principal and the school administrative staff.

Q:  English is not my first language; can I still serve on the Board?

A:  English is the language used for all Board business, so a working ability to read and write in English is essential.  However, the school can work with Board members that are not native English speakers, and we can assist with interpretation and translation when needed.

Q:  Can someone serve on the Board if their spouse or another family member works at the school?

A:  Yes.  Board members must abstain from any Board business that directly impacts or influences the employed family member.  Board members are not permitted to use their position to influence any staffing or hiring decisions, except that of the Principal.  Board members must also disclose any possible conflicts of interest and must sign an annual Code of Conduct statement.