Informational Meetings

Now Enrolling for Fall 2020!

Every Student Learns in English plus Spanish, Mandarin, or French!


No meetings are scheduled at this time. For more information, please contact Calvin McCoy, Dean of Admissions, at


Global Village Academy is a Tuition-Free, K-8th Grade Charter School

  • Spanish, Mandarin, or French immersion model*
  • Technology in every classroom
  • Enriching after-school programs including Chess & Taekwondo
  • Diverse student and faculty population
  • World language taught by native speakers
  • Engaging Middle School with Sports & International Trips
  • Active & involved parent community

Learn About:

  • How does language immersion work?
  • What are the benefits of language immersion?
  • Will my child fall behind in English?
  • How do I help my kids with homework?
  • Why is having native speakers as teachers important?
  • What other things does GVA offer?
*Percentage of Immersion by Grade Level
Kindergarten - 80/20
  • Students spend 4 days out of 5, Kindergartners learn all their subjects in their target language (French, Mandarin or Spanish) and 1 day in English. 
1st Grade - 70/30
  • Students spend 3 1/2 days in their target language) and 1 1/2 days in English. 
2nd - 5th Grade - 50/50
  • Students alternate days between their target language and English. 1 full day in their target language, the next full day in English.
  • We refer to this as the A/B program.
Middle School
  • Students have ninety minutes a day in their target language.