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Benefits and Learning a Second Language

Learning Language Through Immersion
Immersion is the method by which we all learn our native language. As infants, we are surrounded by people speaking a specific language, like we are surround by the air we breathe, and we learn our first language rapidly and with ease. Immersion education in a second language takes the same approach. At Global Village Academy, students spend their day immersed in a second language as they use their natural ability to learn the new language. Learning a second language in this way when young is much easier than learning it later in life.
Benefits of Learning a Second Language
Academic achievement levels of children educated in a second language using an immersion program often surpass those of children educated solely in English.
  • Learning a second language when young enables a language-learning part of the brain to mature and then to facilitate other language learning throughout life.
  • The exposure to multiple languages and cultures creates a learning environment that is engaging, challenging, exciting, and one that children thoroughly enjoy.
  • Children who were adopted internationally or who have extended family who speak a different language are able to learn the second language and stay connected with that culture and with role models from that culture.
  • Learning a language in elementary school enables the student to speak without a “foreign” accent, like a native speaker.
Our world is becoming more global and interdependent, and there will be increased demand for people who can understand other cultures and communicate with people in other languages.
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