Cell Phone Policy Update

In this short week back, our Middle School Team has made a few adjustments to making sure we are following expected policy by our students.

Over the break we reviewed our policies and are looking to make sure students are more academically focused for their success in school every day. 

The first policy impacted was our "bell to bell" cell phone usage policy by students. We enforced expectations which included phones were not visible or used during class time. This actually led to a greater focus in our classrooms and less incidents between students. We will continue to enforce this policy to help students break away from their phones during academic time. Please note this as a change to the student handbook. 

Starting on Monday January 9th, all middle school students will be placing their phones in a pocket chart that is available in every classroom. At the end of class students will pick up their phone from the chart and then follow the next slot in their schedule. By doing this, students will still be able to see their phone, but it will not be a distraction from the learning occurring in the classroom. 

We ask if parents need to communicate a change or emergency with their child, you are welcome to call the front office and we will gladly pass the message to your student. The dean or administration can then help get them their cell phones for usage. We just want to limit the distractions for our students when learning.

Thank you for supporting us in this change to help better the learning environment in our school. If these results we saw last week are an indicator, we will be on a much better path to higher academic learning.

Thanks for being GVA and supporting this policy. Please contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns by email. 


Jenny Morrell
4th-8th Grade Dean