Remote Learning Option & Survey

As we prepare a variety of scenarios for learning options for returning to school in the fall, we are also considering a 100% online dual language immersion program for students and families who are not ready or able to go back to school. GVA Virtual online immersion program would be a 100% online education option. Our GVA Virtual teachers, or remote learning specialists, would teach a dedicated online class and provide daily interactions and support. This option would also help alleviate the classroom teachers' workload from having to manage their face-to-face classroom and support online learners at the end of the school day.  
This consideration is contingent on the number of students interested in this option to ensure we have a sustainable plan for the entire school year. We are fortunate to be part of the Global Village Academy Collaborative. We have three campuses (Aurora, Douglas County, and Northglenn) of students that can enroll in one online learning program. Our dedicated online instructors will be teachers from all three campuses who will commit to being remote learning specialists and collaborate to provide a robust, standards-based remote learning program that aligns with our mission and vision of our dual language immersion schools.  
We understand 100% online learning is new to many of our students and their families. Our team will support smooth transitions to online education for families by maintaining familiar learning routines of an elementary school while harnessing some of the flexibility that online learning can offer. Relationships, not technology, would drive our approach. We will utilize technology in age-appropriate ways to support robust learning outcomes for students while focusing on building and sustaining relationships that invite and engage students in authentic immersion learning will be at the heart of our approach.  
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