APS Offers FREE Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner During Extended Closure

During the extended school closure, Aurora Public Schools will be distributing FREE breakfast, lunch and dinner. These meals will be provided at 16 locations to ALL children 18 and under. All three meals, which include vegetarian options, will be available together for pickup through a grab-and-go system.
Meals will be available Monday through Friday through April 17 at the following locations and times. APS is providing meals at as many locations as possible to reduce travel distances for families. You will notice that the windows for meal pick up are 25 minutes long. Although this may seem short, we believe this window will allow us to provide for a grab-and-go system while also helping us maximize the number of pick-up locations and serve the highest number of families throughout the district.
Please note the starting time for the location that is nearest to your home.