GVA-Aurora COVID-19 Plans: School Closure on Friday, March 13

We want to take the day and begin our deep cleaning early for both buildings. With the increased concerns around COVID-19 and the current State of Emergency in Colorado, we need the extra time to make sure our schools are clean and safe. We do not have any reported cases of the virus directly impacting our students, staff, or teachers, but believe this extra precaution will allow us what we need to stay ahead of these conditions.
We will also be canceling all programs scheduled within our buildings during the break to make sure everything remains sanitary until our scheduled return on Tuesday, March 24, 2020. Innovation Learning will be canceling its program within our building during this time as well.
We would also ask that you please contact GVA-Aurora with any updated phone and email contact information for you or your family. We will be sending information out during the break and want to make sure you receive it. We want to keep open communication with families during this continually changing event. Please contact Sandra Andrade (Office: 303-309-6655x109 or Email: sandrade@gvaschools.org), and she will get your information changed in our systems.
The GVA-Aurora Board of Directors, administration, teachers, and staff want to say “Thank You” for your understanding of this critical decision and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Our goal is to make sure that GVA-Aurora always runs at the highest levels for all students and families. This day will give us what we need to begin a process to make our learning environment better for everyone.
Thanks, and enjoy your Spring Break!
Chris Denmark
Executive Principal
Middle School Principal
Global Village Academy