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Before & After Care
Free & Reduced Lunch Application
  • No applications were mailed to households this year.
  • Every year your family needs to reapply for Free and Reduced meals.
Please go to to apply.
  • Register as the administrator and create a username and password.
  • For help applying, please click here.
You will need to apply online and need the following information:
  • Your income as weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or annually for each household member
  • Student’s Legal name as it appears on students enrollment documents. If the student was registered with 2 last names, you will need to put both last names on the application under the student’s last name.
  • Your student’s ID number. This number can be obtained in the following ways:
  • Contact Deborah Nelson at or call 303-343-0295 Ext 2856
  • Contact Edna Chavira at or call 303-343-0295 Ext 28550
Material Fees
School Supplies