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From the Principals

Message from the Principals:

The Global Village Academy Aurora Return to School Plan is the product of extensive collaborations with the GVA-A community including parents, administration, teachers, and support staff, as well as the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) and our health partners at Tri-County Health, Children’s Hospital of Colorado and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). We are planning for GVA-A to open for 5 days a week in-person learning for K-5 the week of October 12 and have our 6-8th grade students follow an A&B BiWeekly Cohort (Group) Model with 1 week in person and 1 week Remote. We also will have the ability to engage students in a 100% remote model if desired. These models will run until the end of the semester (December 18, 2020) and will be re-evaluated at that time. We will introduce the first day of “in-person” as an introduction to our new routines and procedures for classrooms. This will allow teachers and students time to build relationships and prepare for in-person expectations.

The following information is designed to present an overview of our reopening and educational plans:

  1. Ensure, to the greatest extent possible, the safety of our students, staff, and community.​ This is a community-wide priority and we all have to do our part to make this happen. Included in this document are the numerous safety protocols and safety measures that GVA-A is taking to minimize the risks of becoming infected. Face masks are REQUIRED. Face coverings need to fit over the nose and mouth, they are required for all students except while eating meals unless the student has a documented and approved health or education reason for not wearing a face covering. Face coverings should be designed so students can apply and remove them without assistance. Interactions among groups of students will be minimized. We will institute a cleaning regimen that is frequent, targeted, and of a scope sufficient to reduce transmission. Parents and guardians will need to regularly screen, monitor, and self-report their child’s health. Anyone entering the building will be screened for a temperature over 100.4 degrees.
  2. Ensure our mission that ​students become fluent and literate in English and a second world language, excel academically in core content subjects and develop 21st-century skills, including cross-cultural understanding​.​ Included in this document are academic plans to ensure grade level preparedness in any context and for every student. All students will attend school 5 days a week. A fully remote learning option is available for any student who is not comfortable in-person. Details of these plans and options are included in this document.
  3. Ensure, to the greatest extent possible, a stable learning environment.​ By adhering to the safety measures and schedules outlined in this plan, the hope is to create consistency throughout the year and minimize in-person school closures. While ensuring predictability is one of our primary goals, we recognize that the constantly-evolving nature of COVID-19 developments requires flexibility from our students, parents and staff. GVA-A will make every effort to keep families informed about any changes to our students’ learning environments.
  4. Provide parents the choice to enroll students in a fully remote learning option.​ Parental voice and choice are key to the successful re-opening of schools. We understand that parents can be overwhelmed with doubt about what is best for their child—health on the one hand, and the academic fulfillment and necessary socialization that schools provide, on the other. It is for this reason that we have chosen to provide two learning options In-Person (K-5 Full Day and 6-8 A/B Bi-Weekly Cohort) or K-8 100% Remote Learning for the Semester.

We are extremely proud of the work that so many have contributed to the GVA-A Return to School Plan. We understand that the difficulty of committing to one of our options, but our planning depends on your response. Families are asked to commit to either a K-5 in-person/ 6-8 hybrid learning environment or a fully remote option for the remainder of the semester. We ask that families make the best choice for their student(s) and family and respect the choice that other families make for theirs. Exceptions can be made for students who need to move from an in-person learning environment to a remote learning environment based upon medical or health needs.