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Frequently Asked Questions-English

Question: Is GVA Virtual a separate program, or will each GVA school have its own GVA Virtual Learning branch?
  • Answer:  We are creating GVA Virtual as a stand-alone program in which GVA students will need to enroll for the 2020-21 school year. Each school will not have its separate branch of GVA Virtual. Students who enroll in GVA Virtual will be co-enrolled in their home school.
Question: If my student enrolls in GVA Virtual Learning, will they be with classmates from their GVA home school?
  • Answer: Possibly. GVA would hire educators from across the GVAC to teach explicitly at GVA Virtual Learning. For example, the third-grade teacher that a student typically has at their GVA home campus will not likely be their teacher at GVA Virtual learning. A GVA Virtual third-grade class, for example, will probably be composed of third graders from across all three GVA schools who enrolled in GVA Virtual. All students enrolled in GVA Virtual from the same GVA school, grade, and language village will likely be kept together in the GVA Virtual class.

Question: Who will teach at GVA Virtual?

  • Answer: Regardless of which GVA school a teacher comes from, they would receive ongoing professional development in best practices in online immersion education. GVA Virtual would be working with the GVAC Human Resources Department to identify positions needed for the program and develop a hiring process for GVA Virtual positions. Likely, GVA Virtual staff to be hired are currently GVA educators.

Question: Do you know if GVA Virtual teaching and learning will be synchronous or asynchronous?

  • Answer: There would be a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning. The amount of time in both areas will depend on the grade level. For language immersion, the students must practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking in their online learning every day. 

Question: How will my student remain connected to their GVA school if they are in GVA Virtual?

  • Answer: Students would be co-enrolled in their GVAhome school to maintain students' current relationships and supports. Although plans are still in development, we realize that quality online education is built upon personalization for each student. We intend to facilitate support, resources, and the best learning outcomes for your child in partnership with their GVA home school.
Question: Will specials (i.e., music, pe, art) still be taught online for students at GVA Virtual?
  • Answer: This plan is developing, but we would likely include these enrichment classes in our remote learning plan.

Question: If a COVID-19 vaccine becomes readily available and I decide I'm comfortable with my child returning to school if GVA schools are a phase with some form of in-person education, can I transfer them back?

  • Answer: Enrolling your child at GVA Virtual is at least a semester-long commitment. This will help ensure continuity of curriculum for each student and the overall stability of GVA Virtual. There may be a possibility of transitioning back to your student's GVA school on a case-by-case basis.  

Question: Will GVA Virtual have a unique start and end dates or breaks?

  • Answer: TBD

Question: Can my child participate in GVA Virtual alone? Or will they need someone, like a parent, to help them?

  • Answer: Students would need a designated adult at home to partner with their teacher and support their learning. The time commitment of this partnership will vary based on the child's age and readiness for online learning.

Question: What are the student, teacher, and parent responsibilities if enrolled in GVA Virtual?


  • Student Responsibilities:  To ensure success in online immersion learning, students will need to participate in all assignments. Immersion is a concept that requires a lot of practice opportunities in the target language. This means that the students will be required to speak, write, listen, and read in the target language. While reading, writing, and listening may be practiced more easily, efficient practice for speaking may require your student to record their voice based on different assignments. Your student must stay in close communication with the teacher and practices the language daily online and offline. They will have to finish assignments on time.
  • Online Remote Specialist Responsibilities: Teachers will have regular touchpoints with students and will be in daily communication with the students. Lessons will be aligned with standards. There will be clear expectations and appropriate examples for students to follow the class. As much as possible, class progress will be aligned with that of classes taught physically at school. They will create assignments that are chunked appropriately for online students while maintaining high expectations.
  • Parent Responsibilities: Parents have to support their students by providing a space at home that is conducive to this mode of learning. They will receive training with the student on how to use the online platform to support their child at home.

Question: Are students required to wear the uniform for virtual learning as well?

  • Answer:  Yes, students are required to wear a GVA uniform (at least a GVA top).

Question: Can my student attend GVA Virtual half-day and in-person learning the other half of the day, or for immersion only?

  • Answer:  Students enrolled in GVA Virtual must enroll full-time. 

Question: Will Kindergarten students who opt for 100% online learning be required to come in-person for the proposed phased start?

  • Answer:  No, 100% online learning will not require any in-person learning time for students. 

Question: What will lesson plan availability for parents look like?

  • Answer:  Teachers will have planning time on Friday while kids are participating in Enrichment activities with our virtual enrichment teachers.  Lesson plans for Monday are anticipated to be posted the Friday before, so parents can help students plan out their school week over the weekend if they would like.