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A & B Schedule

Percentage of Immersion by Grade Level
Kindergarten - 80/20
  • Students spend 4 days out of 5, Kindergartners learn all their subjects in their target language (French, Mandarin or Spanish) and 1 day in English. 
1st Grade - 70/30
  • Students spend 3 1/2 days in their target language) and 1 1/2 days in English. 
2nd - 5th Grade - 50/50
  • Students alternate days between their target language and English. 1 full day in their target language, the next full day in English.
  • We refer to this as the A/B program.
Middle School
  • Students have an hour a day in their target language but we hope to increase their time next year.
A/B Calendar
Please ask your student what they have on A day and what they have on B day. It will either be English or their target language depending on which grade they are in.