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Class Rules

Madame Mouna Kindergarten
Golden Rules
The 10 golden rules are the following:
1. Listen when others are talking.
2. Follow directions.
3. Work quietly and do not disturb others.
4. Show respect for school and personal property.
5. Keep hands, feet and objects to self.
6. No running in the hallway.
7. Raise your hands to speak
8. Keep our places neat and clean
9. Use good manners such as “Please” and “Thank you”
10. Respect the GVA Pledge:
“I will honor different ways of being, acting, and believing-even when I don’t agree with them.
I will treat others the way I want to be treated
I will do my best to solve problems peacefully
I will speak up if I see others being treated unfairly.
I am Responsible, respectful, and ready to learn.”